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Subject: (GGSCMail) Mendocino Camp discount ends 5/1 !
Date: April 13th 2012

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"When the heart acts, it touches everything in the universe."
-- Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti)

Register now here: discount of $50 before May 1st for full time!

Featuring all that we love about Mendo camp: the beauty of nature, our temple of tall trees; the joy of being with new and old companions on the Path; the heart-opening sharing, singing and dancing, and of course Sufi teachings. This year's camp will offer an array of opportunities for self-discovery and spiritual growth. We will also be exploring the heart of a variety of spiritual practices and how they resonate within each of us.
Also Mendo Youth Retreat July 11-14, and Silent Retreat July 22-26
Registration and camp information is online at MendoSufiCamp.org

Read this current news from the Hope Project, at the shrine in India of Hazrat Inayat Khan, from Richard Cuadra.
Comments and Video from the Solomon Kahn Memorial Gathering on Tamam's blog here .
The Caravan Continues: A special webcast celebrating 30 Years of Aramaic Work with Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz (Murshid Saadi) on April 16th. Information and registration here. Webcast will be available for viewing, if you register now, for 24 hrs (thru Tuesday evening EDT).
Oregon's longtime Sufi Community newsletter, "The Caravansary", has moved online, with a shared community calendar, directory, and posting site, co-edited by multiple folk: www.OregonCaravan.org

CLICK TO VIEW Physicians of the Heart, a Sufi View of the 99 Names of Allah, now available for immediate shipment. Now is a great time to order your copy of the special hard-bound first edition. Visit book website here.
"This book takes you into the heart of the mystery of these sacred Names. It is a vehicle for understanding the infinite nature of God, and for discovering the divine potential in every soul."
   -- Murshid Wali Ali Meyer

Click to visit The Sound Journal The Winter issue of The Sound Journal, now a free online publication. Read it, contribute to it!
MORE UPCOMING SUFI CAMPS FOR 2012! Follow these links for details and easy online registration.
  • Santa Cruz South Bay Sufi camp with Leilah Be, August 17-19.
  • East Bay Camp-out Labor Day Weekend, Aug 31-Sept 3

Murshida Mariam will hold a retreat for mureeds and friends April 20th thru 22nd at Garden of Nur in Mendocino County near Ukiah, California. See the event flyer for further details & registration. See also Mariam's web site.

The Light of Awareness with Murshida Leilah Be in Nevada City Apr 21-22. Flyer and info here. May already be filled to capacity.

Spiritual Practice that engages the heart is a profoundly effective method for awakening to our True Nature. Human Beings thrive from meaningful connection with one another, as well as diving deeply into the silence within. We will engage ourselves in meditation, heart-centered reflections, zikr and dance to increase the Light of Awareness and enter the Stream of Pure Consciousness.

2011-12 dates for Zikr with PIR SHABDA in Fairfax: March 14, April 18, May 16, June 6, July 25, August 15. Flyer here .

Classes with Murshid Wali Ali Meyer in SF. Recordings also available, including the recent Sufism 101 class; see the web site for more info):

Retreats with Taj Inayat in Washington State, 6/24-28 and 10/28-11/01: small group format with individual guidance. "This retreat format offers participants a powerful supportive group environment while receiving individually designed daily practices in response to each soul’s unfolding need ... an ideal environment in which to unfold, deepen and awaken." Also this autumn, two retreats with Taj in New Mexico, 9/22-29 and 10/2-9, 2012

2012 Labor Day Humboldt County Camp-out at Pamplin Grove is Aug 31st - Sep 3rd

  • View the complete Ruhaniat Events Calendar on Ruhaniat.org for Sufi camps and retreats world-wide.
  • Visit SufiPaths.net for NEW and ongoing classes and other events in the Bay Area and the North Bay.
  • For other West Coast localities and schedules for Pir Shabda and Murshid Wali Ali Click here.

More links to visit:

  • Hear bite-sized teachings of Murshid S.A.M in his own voice: a new collection of Murshid Sam Gems on Ruhaniat.org
  • RUHANIAT PUBLICATIONS now available online here. Now featured: the new 2010 edition of the classic In the Garden with Murshid SAM.
  • ONGOING: Schedules for Pir Shabda & Murshid Wali Ali and also for Khankah SAM & the Mentorgarden in S.F.
  • SufiPaths.net ... serving California's Bay Area, Sonoma County, and the region with news, event announcements and much more.
  • Ruhaniat.org The Ruhaniat is the parent organization of GGSC, the living stream of Sufism founded by Murshid Samuel Lewis and now headed by Pir Shabda Kahn. Our Internet vehicle is being co-created by Sufi brothers and sisters around the world. Offering content for newcomers and old hands alike, we hope that this will become an ever more useful planetary tool for unfoldment. Visit the audio and video selections and the teachings of Murshid SAM. See what's new on Ruhaniat.org
  • Opening of the Heart: Read a new translation of AL FATIHAH from the Qur'an by Imam Bilal Hyde (If the image that this link displays is too small, try clicking on it)

MORE LOCAL EVENTS SCHEDULES: SufiPaths.net ... serving California's Bay Area, Sonoma County, and the region
Santa Cruz: Sufi/DUP website; Santa Cruz Sufi events page ... AND search on Facebook for "Santa Cruz Sufi Caravan"
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Garden of the Heart Sufi Community
Sierra Sufi Circle: Nevada City area events email for info

Southwest Sufi Community news GO
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Writings and recordings of teachings of Murshid Samuel Lewis GO

FROM THE BOWL OF SAKI: Love is as the water of the Ganges; it is in itself a purification. Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

Commentary from Hazrat Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (Sufi Ahmed Murad Chishti):
Heart heals heart. Heart may contract or expand. Its expansion is caused by Ishk; this brings healing and joy and this joy touches every corner of the Universe. The lover is as the sun which radiates energy everywhere. This cannot be explained; it is the nature of love, it is the quality of Ishk, it is the Sifat of God.

Commentary on The Bowl of Saki of Hazrat Inayat Khan
by Murshid Sufi Ahmed Murad Chishti
(c) 1978 Sufi Ruhaniat International, 410 Precita Avenue, San Francisco CA 94110


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