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Heart and Wings in

Colors " There is one Path the annihilation of the false ego in the Real, which raises the mortal to immortality, in which resides all perfection." -- Hazrat Inayat Khan


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Digital Image of HIK (Martin Di Maggio)


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Recorded Teachings by Pir Shabda and Murshid Wali Ali
now available online for Download

  • A tremendous variety of great recorded talks by PIR SHABDA KAHN
    are now available to download from his web site !!    GO
  • Recordings of MURSHID WALI ALI's open Dharma Night talks, and also Gatha classes for
    initiates and (by enrollment) Wazifa Class series, now available online   GO.

Murshid Sam's epic poem SALADIN
read by Murshid Wali Ali Meyer
recorded and supported musically by Murshid Allaudin Ottinger and friends

Ruhaniat Publications announces a new CD package of this mystical masterpiece, inspired by the historical Saladin, the Muslim Sultan who liberated Jerusalem from the crusaders. His military brilliance was surpassed only by his tolerance and understanding, and his honorable and chivalric treatment of his captives. In his address to the captives, he invokes the universal spiritual message of mercy and compassion and draws from the essential truths which are embedded in all spiritual traditions.

The poem SALADIN builds from this foundation to a profound message of universal awakening. Wali Ali's voice passionately embodies Murshid Sam and the musical accompaniment is exquisite.

The four CD package is now available here. The CD package retails for $33, plus $3 for shipping.

May this timely message of spiritual realization spread far and wide!

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Pir Shabda Kahn at Mendocino Sufi Camp 2007, Part 2: Click here to download as one MP3 file (11 mB). Then you can just "open" the file and your computer should start playing it. Or click here to download ten separate tracks in a "Zip file" (11 mB) to make your own CDs. Most computers will be able to automatically expand this Zip file into a bunch of smaller files when you click on it. Then can use any CD creator software to burn them onto a couple of blank CD's.
Last month's download was Part 1: here are the links for one file or tracks for CD.
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From a recording made some 90 years ago, the great teacher from India who brought Sufism to the West is heard singing traditional sacred phrases. May be translated as "Peace is Power" and "There is no Reality, except the One"  Download (370 kB)
The original SUFI CHOIR formed in 1969 among the followers of Sufi Murshid Samuel Lewis. Allaudin William Mathieu -- a consumate professional in the music world, a teacher of teachers, a composer and performer with solid connections to Eastern music, jazz and classicism, and now a Sufi Sheikh -- formed, led and composed for the choir, pioneering in East-West "fusion" music and inspiring many souls with their musicality and their transmission of joy and wisdom. (Your Webmaster and many others just about wore out their Sufi Choir records in those days. Now they're all available on CD's) Many of today's Sufi leaders sang with the choir, and Fatima has photos of the choir online. This music has inspired many other choirs to spring up in Sufi communities. In the East Bay for a number of years Travelin' Light delighted the community with sacred music old and new, and from 1994 until 2005, the tradition was carried on in the North Bay by THE NEW SUFI CHOIR, performing music of Allaudin and many new pieces, mostly originals, and releasing two CDs also. ( Hear samples).
Each year, on the anniversary of the day he danced off the earth plane into immortality, hundreds of Sufi devotees gather to honor the living presence of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis of San Francisco.  Download (2 mB)
At the Dargah of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Pir Shabda sings in Rag Bhairavi; we all sing the Zikr of Inayat Khan; and Taj Inayat speaks.  Download (9.3 mB)
Celebrating the memory and music of Sheikh Ishaq Jud. Ishaq was an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, and was a Sheikh in both the Sufi Ruhaniat International and the Mevlevi Order of America. He also brought the Dances of Universal Peace to Eugene, Oregon in 1973. Listen
Hear this noted author and Sufi teacher on The Visionary Activist Radio Show (Scroll down the page and find the broadcasts dated Jan 10th and Apr 24th 2008) GO
SUFI CD'S FOR SALE: Visit Sacred Spirit Music
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Sufi Still Life art A unique Sufi Shopping opportunity: art for sale by Anna Armaiti at
"Divine Laughter Studio".
"Shirts, cards, mugs and more ... I also have a section called "In Memory of Sheikh Ishaq" with a calendar and other pieces dedicated to him. Winged heart designs of different kinds, Sufi themed still life with tashbi and message volumes, Aum mandalas, Hindu gods and goddesses, whirling dervish designs and more. Take a look.

Also view or shop Fatima Lassar's Art here.   


International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace

Dances of Universal Peace North America

The Federation of the Sufi Message

The SufiOrder International   /  Local branch

The Sufi Movement International   /  U.S. Web Site

The Sufi Ruhaniat International  /  Local branch  /  San Francisco Center: Khankah SAM.

(Web links for local sufi teachers and leaders are here. More regional web sites here)
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E-MAIL NEWSLETTER: Keep in touch by joining our Bay Area Sufi e-mail announcement lists

Golden Gate Sufi Circle is the Bay Area council of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Web site information includes the great Mendocino Sufi Camp and regional camp-outs.

The Sufi Choir, active mostly in the seventies with Allaudin Mathieu directing and composing, was a direct manifestation of Murshid SAM's legacy. (The music was on vinyl, but a CD is available; follow the above link.) Then from 1994 until 2005, the tradition was carried on by The New Sufi Choir, performing music of Allaudin and many new pieces, mostly originals, and releasing a couple of CDs also. (Hear samples here).

"Toward peace through the wisdom of the native Middle Eastern traditions" ...
          The Abwoon Study Circle is led by Neil Douglas-Klotz (Murshid Saadi).

Mevlevi Order of America events (the order headed by Postneshin Sheikh Jelaluddin Loras). The Bay Area has regular gatherings in several locations for zikr and training in the “turning”, the Mevlevi Sema, in the tradition of Jelaluddin Rumi.

A new Networking Site with photos, poetry, discussion
Visit, join, contribute. "The Tavern is Open"

Gnosis Magazine articles on traditional Sufism as a path toward knowing the self.
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Sufism's Many Paths   by  Dr. Alan Godlas, University of Georgia about sufism, sufis and sufi orders world-wide

Religions Home Page     "Information and links for study and interpretation of religions." is a regional Sufi site out of Texas with a lot of content that's of general interest. Check out great links, the brief descriptions of the different Sufi orders, the prayers of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and the writings of Murshid Shamcher Beorse.

Serving the Guest  --  a Sufi Cookbook and Art Gallery, with beautifully illustrated sections including The Source of all Sustenance, Generosity, Food for Remembrance, the Many Flavors of Sufism, Prayers for the Meal, Tales of Hospitality and Celebration, and a collection of recipes from all over the Islamic world.

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Lama Foundation, near Taos NM, has been a focus of spiritual life for many of our brothers and sisters for many years. Lama has a full program of activities and is the burial place of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.

Southwest Sufi Community, near Silver City New Mexico: the events and the growing community

The Abode of the Message, a Sufi spiritual community in upstate New York, offers many diverse camps, seminars and events., a  major supporter of the Dances of Universal Peace, PeaceWorks Inc., and other groups  that are carrying the vision of Murshid Samuel Lewis: to "Eat, dance and pray together". For the last nine years ONEness has been organizing and promoting Dance circles and events around the U.S., predominately in the West. One goal (among many) for the ONEness Project is the establishment of a retreat/community facility dedicated primarily to the Dances.

Mureeds in Recovery e- mail list -- topics of interest for those following the Sufi path who have found their own sobriety to be a primary issue in their spiritual unfoldment.

Local Naqshbandi Sufi activities: Golden Sufi Center   Dreamweather Foundation

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Now on ...
2008 Mendocino Sufi Camp photos, MP3 of the Sufi Rave,
Drum Circle Video clip and Dynamic Kitchen shots by Rahim and Habib   GO

View Photos from the 2008 Joe Miller Memorial Walk

Spring 2008 North Bay Camp-out photos by photographer-superb Karim Stafford
Event Photo The Urs of Murshid SAM
Corte Madera Calif

Murshid Wali Ali, Pir Shabda and Sheikh Allaudin Mathieu. Photo: Sierra Salin

2007 Event Photos:

Photo camp

CAZADERO CAMP 2007 PHOTOS online (thanks to Michelle)

Photo camp

2007 EAST BAY CAMP-OUT PHOTOS online (thanks to Kabira and Sandi)

Photo of camp

by Sierra    by Neshamah Jami


Photos and stories from travelers to the 80th Urs of Inayat Khan, at his shrine in New Delhi, India, Feb 2007


PHOTOS FROM THE SUFI SESSHIN AND THE URS, January '04, by Yvonne from the Netherlands

 Sufi Camp in Europe: Photos by Shaffee and Khatiba

Tara Dhatu, Sacred Arts, Dances of Universal Peace and Pilgrimages with Anahata and Prema.

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Photos of Murshid Sam and his Mureeds. Fatima Lassar some years ago found 51 photos to add to her website. "They were found in boxes stored at the Garden of Inayat in Novato. There are many of the original Sufi Choir singing in Union Square in SF and lots of Murshid Samuel Lewis. I especially like the one of him in his early 20's." Note: Also see Fatima's original art work linked to the site.

Stories and Photos from Mendocino Sufi Camp, 2001


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